Amplify Rules & Guidelines

You are expected to have full understanding of Amplify's Rules & Guidelines to ensure we can create a fun and healthy roleplay environment for everyone.
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Amplify Rules & Guidelines

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Breaking any of the below rules can result in a vacation or permanent ban depending on the severity of the situation. This will be determined by admins/owners of the server. Prior to applying for whitelist, you are required to read the rules thoroughly and fully understand them.
  • Discord Name: ---Amplify's Discord.
    Must include your character name(s). We do a weekly purge of people who do not abide by this.
  • No Meta-Gaming:
    Meta gaming is taking any 3rd party or out of character information that you've obtained and use in it in character. This includes information from streams, private messages, discord, word-of-mouth, etc. You need to separate your personal knowledge from your characters knowledge.
  • Value of Life:
    You are to value your life in the city.
    If you are injured, take the injuries seriously.

    Don't do anything your character wouldn't do in "real-life".
    Example: If someone gets the jump on you, and puts a gun to you, you shouldn't be resisting (in value of your life) unless you have an actual realistic opportunity to do so.

    It is always up to you how you would like to roleplay your injuries, but you should always be providing EMS with roleplay information to go off of to treat you.

    Example: /me unconscious - /me gunshot wound in torso, no vest - /me heart rate slowing

    If you do not provide EMS information to go off of, you may not like the injuries they give you or the recovery plan involved. So no matter how little or big of an injury you would like to roleplay, please ensure to do so. It also creates more quality roleplay for everyone.
  • No RDM:
    Random Death Match is killing someone without reason, and without any valid or prior roleplay purpose. You cannot go around killing people without reason as well as without initiating the roleplay prior to attacking. Something must be said and you must have a valid RP reason to shoot at, or kill a player.
  • No VDM:
    Vehicle Death Match is when a player kills another player, with a vehicle, for no reason. This includes running people over, ramming a vehicle with another vehicle to cause damage, or cause it to explode, etc.
  • No Fail RP:
    Fail RP is failing to stay in character. Just be sure to act within your character's perspective. Also please refrain from talking "OOC" or out of character within the city.

    If needed utilize the following -

    /report - to contact staff in game

  • New Life Rule:
    If you are "downed" and do not get revived/treated by EMS, you are to not remember the events/roleplay involved leading up to being "downed".
  • Bug Abusing & Bug Exploiting:
    Any bugs found out by players are to be reported immediately. Anyone found abusing/exploiting bugs will be permanently banned.
  • Suicide Situations:
    Effective Immediately: The roleplay of suicide and suicide attempts is not welcomed and will result in an immediate ban. We love everyone here, and we want to promote a healthy and fun environment for everyone to enjoy. If you are exposed to this behavior, please remove yourself from the situation and allow our admins to intervene. We ask you contact an admin immediately via discord or /report in game.

--- Pillbox ---
Pillbox is considered a safe zone from criminal activity.